Tire Trouble in Texas

Tire Trouble in Texas

July 2, 2015 Buddy Rigotti0 Comments

On Tuesday of this week, while parked at my parent's house in TX, I noticed one of my (new) tires bulging at the bottom. I'm not a tire expert, but I know this is not a good thing.

So I tried to check the air pressure and couldn't even get a reading. Again, I'm not expert, but I know this is not good either.

So my dad and I carefully drove down the highway to local tire shop. After a fairly quick diagnosis, Pete told us the tire had a big gash in it. See for yourself:

tire trouble

So much for spending big bucks on all-steel tires to help prevent such an issue. After 2 hours and $206, Pete got us a new tire and back on the road. All in all, not a big issue since we were already staying in Texas for a few days rest.

We were trying to figure out when it happened and we're not completely sure, but we're guessing the damage happened while driving through North Dallas. The roads were aweful and there was lots of construction. The ride was unbelievably bumpy. Pete the tire guy said something got caught in between that tire and the tire next to it (it's a rear dual) and gashed it. Thank you Dallas!

We're thanking God the other tire right next to it was not damaged at all.