World's Best Tree Swing for Kids (and Adults)

World's Best Tree Swing for Kids (and Adults)

August 18, 2017 Buddy Rigotti0 Comments

We have some really great trees in our front and side yards, it would be a pity if they were wasted. They are huge and mature and they make great climbing trees.

So a few months back I decided it would be a great idea to get a tree swing for the kids. We could put one of these lovely trees to use, and more importantly, we could get the kids outside and enjoying it.

I got a random $100 gift card from Amazon a few weeks ago so I decided that would be the perfect way to use it. So I set about with my research. I purchased a swing, a swing tree hanging kit and a swivel adapter and we couldn't be happier. Here's how we made it happen.

Do Your Research

As I was doing my initial research, I noticed that most of the tree swings on Amazon did not include a hanging kit. So I knew I would probably need a swing AND a tree hanging kit. 

I also noticed that none of them included a swivel adapter, so you could spin the tree swing without it getting twisted and tangled. All 3 of these items were on my list so I went about finding the best value for all of them.

Here's what I discovered.

The Tree Swing

First up is the tree swing. After looking at several options, we settled on this Springcoo 40" Tree Swing (click to see the price on Amazon). I liked the fact that it had bright colors and a trampoline-like netting. Other tree swings had a hard plastic disc, but this looked much more comfortable...and it is!

The round frame is solid, but has ample padding. It came disassembled so I had to put it together. It took about 20 minutes. My only complaint is that the stitching started coming apart the first day.

I left a positive review on Amazon and mentioned the stitching coming apart. Within a few hours, I got an email from Springcoo telling me that they were sending me a brand new Tree Swing. This is fantastic customer service. 

The tree swing still works fine, but they insisted on sending a new one. It arrived a few days later so now we have an extra tree swing as a backup. I'm not sure how long the fabric will last since the tear in the stitching is getting worse, but it's nice to know Springcoo has our back.

The Tree Hanging Kit

The  Springcoo 40" Tree Swing comes ready to attach to a standard swingset with 2 metal rings at the top. But I knew this wouldn't work for hanging it on a tree.

So after more research, I settled on this Planet Earth 10ft Tree Swing Hanging Kit (click to see the price on Amazon). It comes with a 10 ft long strap and a carabiner. That's it. You simply wrap it around a strong tree branch, loop it through itself and let the carabiner end hang down.

Then, you can attach the swing rings to the carabiner. Simple as that. I wrapped some solar screen material around the rough tree branch to protect both the tree and the strap. It seems to be working well.

The Swivel Adapter

No good tire/tree swing would be left without the ability to spin it so fast that your kids throw up. I needed to make sure this thing spun so fast that Mom disapproved (yes, that fast!).

So I found this Swivel Carabiner (click to see the price on Amazon) on Amazon and it is excellent. It spins as smooth as butter. I simply attached it between the hanging kit and the tree swing.

But I didn't realize I would need an additional carabiner to attach the swivel to the tree swing, so I had to run to the local hardware store and purchase one. I made sure it had a load rating of 400 lbs.

The Result...Pure Fun!

So, to summarize, from the top down, the entire system consists of:

  1. The 10 ft Tree Swing Hanging Kit
  2. Swivel Carabiner
  3. A Standard Carabiner (400 lb load rating)
  4. The Springcoo Tree Swing

The kids and adults both have tons of fun with the swing every day. It is as fun as a teacup carnival ride. We live on a fairly busy street and folks are always stopping to ask us where we got it.

I can push the kids super high on it and I can spin them super fast. All the cousins and other kids in the neighborhood love it too. I'm so glad it worked out just as I'd hoped!

tree swing on amazon

tree swing on amazon