RV Trip Week 7 - Highlights and Photos

RV Trip Week 7 - Highlights and Photos

August 12, 2015 Buddy Rigotti1 Comments

The week started off with our arrival in Des Moines, IA. We discovered a nice little state park where we had full RV hookups for only $16/night. This is a much better price than the $45/night or so we usually pay at a KOA. Obviously, there are less amenities at the state park, but the price was right. We got there on Sunday and my good friend Dr. Dave came over and spent a couple hours with us.

The next day, Koryn went to Dr. Dave to get a chriopractic adjustment and it was nice to see his office. Then, for the rest of the day, we got to hang out with my sister Jackie and her kids. They were gracious enough to drive down from Rochester, MN for the day so we could see them on our trip.

Between our 3 kids and her 4 kids, we had quite the troop as we hopped from Panera for lunch, Backyard Adventures (indoor play place), Raccoon River Park and Chipotle for dinner. It was awesome to be able to spend some time with Jackie and her kids and we all had a great time. The kids were wore out and enjoyed playing with each other for the afternoon.

On Tuesday night, Dave Krohse came back to the campground and Michael and Hayley Nixon and their kids also came and we had a small reunion of sorts. Dave, Michael and Hayley were great friends of mine in high school and college and we had a really good time just chillin' and grillin' while the kids played. The mosquitos also had quite the feast that night, but we didn't let them spoil our fun.

Our time in the Des Moines area ended with a quick drive to Marshalltown, IA to see my best friend from high school and college, Matt Pisney and his family. Matt and Paula treated us to pizza and of course, Dairy Queen, and we got to spend a few precious hours with them. Matt and I played a game of ping pong, just like old times and the kids enjoyed playing together too. We even got to see Pat, his mom, at the DQ - too bad we missed his dad Dave!

It's always great seeing old friends and family too!

Our next stop was Taylor, NE - population 180, but you'll have to wait for our next post for all the details of our time in Taylor. It's worthy of its own post.