RV Trip Week 6 - Highlights and Photos

RV Trip Week 6 - Highlights and Photos

August 3, 2015 Buddy Rigotti2 Comments

Leaving Cleveland

We had an enjoyable time in Cleveland and one of the last things we did was swim at the lake in my Aunt Belle and Uncle Tom's neigborhood. The kids always enjoy swimming and this was especially fun for them as it was their first swim in a real lake.

Airplane Ride with Uncle Dave

This was one of the top highlights of the trip as far as I'm concerned. My Uncle Dave built his own airplane - yes the kind that really flies (not a model). He finished it a couple years ago and enjoys flying it and taking people up for a flight too. We told the kids about it and they were really excited (and so was I).

First up was Crist. He jumped right in, got buckled up and off they went. They cruised around for about 30 minutes and Crist got to fly the plane.

Brooklyn was next and we weren't sure if she would chicken out or not. But she jumped right in and even flew the airplane too. She had a great time.

Lastly, it was my turn. We took off and my Uncle Dave let me fly the plane for a while. I have to admit it was a little nerve wracking (I still don't like the steep turns), but it was an awesome experience. We flew just before sunset and it was beautiful flying over Geauga County with the downtown Cleveland skyline in the near distance. Thanks for the awesome time Uncle Dave!

By the way - Koryn didn't go with us. I think she would have been a nervous wreck.

Speeding into Indy

Next stop was Brownsburg, IN just outside Indianapolis. Koryn's sister Nikki and her family live there. We had a nice relaxing time there (except for almost dying the first night...read on). While we were there, Nikki's husband Brian took me and the two older kids to the Indy Car museum for a little fun. The kids (and adults) enjoyed the Indy car simulators and Lego building and racing on the derby track.

Then we took a pit stop (do you see what I did there?) at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for a quick tour of the gift shop and photo room. That track is HUGE.

The best part of that stop might just have been Brian's BBQ meat when we arrived. That dude needs to run a restaurant some day. Delicous!

CO2 Not Good 4U

The first night in Indy we stayed in the RV in the driveway of Nikki and Brian's house. They have the perfect, level gravel driveway so we wanted to stay there and save some money on a campground fee. Turns out we almost died.

Because it was pretty hot and humid, we turned on the generator so we could run the A/C before bed. After 30 minutes or so, it started feeling nice in there, but we also started to notice an exhaust smell. So we turned off the generator and A/C and as soon as we did, the CO2 detectors started going off.

The girls had just fallen asleep, so the first thing we did was make sure they were still breathing. Second thing we did was open the windows and turn on the fans. We weren't sure what to do at that point so we started calling hotels nearby to see if we could stay elsewhere.

But after about 15 minutes the CO2 detectors showed normal readings and it appeared we were all good. But we did keep the windows open and fans on all night just to be sure we saw the light of day the next day.

The good news is we know the CO2 detectors work - the very same ones I bought new before our trip just in case - phew!

Kickin' it at the Roth's

After Indy, we drove straight through to the Kansas City area to stay with Koryn's friend Jami and her family for 3 nights. Jami has been Koryn's bestie (do the kids still say that?) for the past 15 years. We had another relaxing time there just hanging out, watching movies and playing video games. It was a very nice time and Koryn was glad to see Jami whom she hadn't seen in 4 years. Thanks for the hospitality Jami!