RV Trip Week 5 - Highlights and Photos

RV Trip Week 5 - Highlights and Photos

July 31, 2015 Buddy Rigotti0 Comments

Kim and Dave Wedding

We were so grateful to be able to attend my cousin Dave's wedding in NYC. He and Kim had a lovely outdoor Jewish ceremony and a great reception with wonderful food and dancing. It was great to see many relatives that we don't get to see too often and celebrate the special day with Dave and Kim. Crist loved the food (of course) and the girls loved the dancing.

Staten Island Ferry

We took the ferry to get a good close look at the Statue of Liberty. We went with my parents and hopped on the ferry. It's an interesting experience. A huge crowd simply gathers in front of giant glass doors. Then they open the glass doors and everyboy stampedes (literally) onto the ferry. We all made it safely aboard and found some nice seats right along the left side...only to find out we were on the wrong side of the ferry if we wanted to see the Statue of Liberty.

Nonetheless, it was a nice relaxing ride across the harbor. But when it was time to de-board, we raced off and then raced back on and this time we were on the correct side. We got great views of the Statue of Liberty as we floated by. See photos below.

One Last NYC Transportation Hiccup

Knowing we were leaving the next day, I decided to purchase ferry tickets online, in advance, so it would be one less thing to worry about as we left our hotel room for a ferry ride back to our RV. This turned out to be a bit of a mistake.

We were actually a bit early so there were 2 more ferries scheduled to take us to where we needed to go before they suspend service until evening rush hour. We made the 9:30 ferry but as I tried to pull up the tickets on my phone, something malfunctioned and the ticket taker literally gave me 5 seconds and then just walked away in a rush - leaving us there.

This was extremely frustrating, but we knew there was another 9:45 ferry to take us back. As 9:45 came and went (and no ferry), we learned there would be no more ferries back to Liberty Harbor that day.

Now I was really frustrated.

But, right behind us, a new ferry pulled up and we were able to take that to Jersey City, but instead of having a 2 minute walk to our RV park, we had a 12 minute walk. No big deal in the grand scheme of things, but when you are towing 3 bags and 3 kids, every little bit helps. Needless to say, we were very pleased to be back in our RV and heading out of the city.

Niagara Falls - Bus Fail

We drove straight through from NYC to Niagara Falls and stayed at an awesome KOA for 2 nights so we could see the falls. We heard that the city bus stops directly across the street from our campground and takes you right to the falls. Since we didn't want to unhook the RV, we figured this would be a great choice.

Well we got to the bus stop and waited a few minutes before I got impatient enough to pull out my phone and look up when the next bus would arrive - 19 minutes. So we waited, and waited and waited. We waited probably 45 minutes total for a bus, then gave up and walked back across the street. Another couple was waiting there and told us the bus was late the day before too, but should be there soon.

So we waited another 5 minutes - no bus.

"Let's just take the RV!" I said. So we piled in the RV, unhooked, and guess what pulled up just as we were pulling out? The bus! But here's the best part. The bus stops for about 10 seconds, picks up nobody at the bus stop, then drives off. We were laughing all the way to Niagara Falls and glad we decided to take our own vehicle. We still never found out if the right bus ever came.

But we did enjoy Niagara Falls (just stay away from the indoor food court!).

Comfort in Cleveland

My cousin Joseph and his wife Faith were gracious enough to allow us to stay at their house for a few nights in Cleveland. It was a great time of seeing family and we were very comfortable at their house. Joe and Faith are just big kids that don't yet have kids, so our kids found plenty of toys and fun stuff to play with as mom and dad did a lot of relaxing. They have a lovely 2 acres and we enjoyed a cook-out in the back yard with a real campfire. Great times!

Indians Lose Again

There were 2 things I REALLY wanted to do in Cleveland: (1) See the Indians play at Progressive Field and (2) Fly an airplane (see the week 6 post for that). We decided to go to the Friday game at the ballpark since the Indians best pitcher was pitching. It did not matter. They lost 6-0, but we had a good time nonetheless. It was dollar dog night with fireworks after the game, so it ended great despite the bad loss.