RV Trip Week 4 - Highlights and Photos

RV Trip Week 4 - Highlights and Photos

July 22, 2015 Buddy Rigotti3 Comments

Polyface Farms

We went to Polyface Farm on Monday. To read all about that, view this post.

No Smoking

Back at the KOA in Virginia, I tried for 2 straight nights to build a camp fire. The first night, I tried it without properly using kindling so I used a ton of paper and paper plates, but never got the logs to burn. So I borrowed some lighter fluid from a neighbor and got the fire raging...for 2 minutes until it all burned off, then no more fire. So then I finally gathered a bunch of sticks and brush for kindle and it worked great! But as soon as the fire started to take, the rain came and put it out. The next night, I just did it the lazy way and used lighter fluid. The fire started for good this time...until it started raining again and no more fire. Koryn hasn't let me try to build a fire since.

Listen to Your Wife

Coming back from Polyface Farm, we had no cell service and therefore no GPS on the phone working. So we went from memory and actually did very well. But there was one turn I failed to make (despite Koryn telling me it was the wrong way). I soon realized it and had to turn around in a country driveway. Despite having the back up camera, I clipped a barbed wire fence and it did some damage to the back end of the motorhome. See pictures below.

No worries! A few days later, I easily repaired it with some screws and duct tape and it looked better than before! Until, twelve hours later...

Liberty Bell No Ringy Dingy

We wanted to see the LIberty Bell before heading to Washington DC. So on our way out of Maryland or wherever we were for the night, we dropped into Philadelphia....in the RV. See, I didn't know the Liberty Bell was neatly tucked away in downtown Philly. Oh how I wish I knew it was. Downtown Philadelphia is not an RV-friendly place. Long story short, we drove around for 45 minutes looking for a place to park. We did not find a place to park, but we did find a 3 foot yellow concrete pole - or should I say, it found us. I didn't see it and it went right through the back corner of our motorhome, undoing all the fine repair work I had done 12 hours earlier (and we added a nice hole in our back storage bin door). Sigh...

Washington DC

We took a shuttle from the nearest KOA to DC into Washington DC. There was no way we would take an RV into a big city...who would do that any way? Only a complete lunatic. Anyways...DC was great. We first toured the Capital Building. On our way out, we saw Ted Cruz being interviewed by a small posse of camera people and I got some close up video and photos. That was kind of cool.

We then walked the Air and Space Museum - the kids loved it, and us too. Then we walked down to the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial. We were pretty tuckered after that so we took a cab to the White House. They had Penn Ave blocked off, so our view wasn't that great. We finished the day with a bus ride back to the Capital to pick up our shuttle back to the KOA. It was a long day with 3 kids, but we all had fun and saw some cool stuff. I think the kids really liked it.

New York, NY

After DC, we headed to NY where we stayed in an RV park (read parking lot) on the Jersey side. The nice thing about it was that it was right on the water, so we could take a short ferry ride directly from the campground to the Manhattan financial district. After arriving on Friday afternoon, we took a ferry "into the city" and as soon as we got there, some guy named Barack Obama decided to shut down the entire Pier and arrive by helicopter so he could attend a fundraiser. He must have heard we were coming to town and wanted to pay us a visit. But we were too busy to see the President - we had to get the kids to bed on time.

It was kind of neat seeing all 6 or 7 helicopters fly in and land just a few hundred feet from our location. The next day, Saturday, we attempted to get "into the city" by train (this is what they call the subway). So we walked 10 minutes down the road from our RV park to the Path station in Jersey, which would take us to the WTC site. We had no idea what were doing, but after asking around and wandering aimlessly, we actually bought the right stuff and boarded the right train and ended up where we intended.

We visited the 9/11 Memorial which was cool, but we did not go into the museum. I think we also took a cab ride and rode the NYC subway. We walked through Time Square, which was very disappointing. It was basically just like downtown Las Vegas, except not as classy. We saw the Naked Cowboy, several ladies wearing nothing but paint on their upper half, gigantic screens full of provocative ads and the backside of about a billion people. It was not that exciting at all.

Changing RV Spots

One annoying thing that happened at the RV park: because we didn't book far enough in advance (apparently one month in advance was not enough), they didn't have a single spot available for all 3 nights in a row. So we literally had to unhook and move our RV each morning we were there. The third morning, we moved our RV directly across the aisle, literally about 25 feet, but that's what we had to do. Welcome to NYC!