RV Trip Week 3 - Highlights and Photos

RV Trip Week 3 - Highlights and Photos

July 16, 2015 Buddy Rigotti1 Comments

Uncle Wes in Dunedin, FL

It had been 18 years since I'd seen my Uncle Wesley so we stopped at his house "on the way" to the Sarasota area. It was great to see him and he got to meet Koryn and the kids for the first time. He lives by himself, a lifetime bachelor, but he had some snacks and juice prepared for our arrival. It was really great to spend an hour with him and wish it could have been more.

Aunt Pamm and Uncle Mick Near Sarasota, FL

Florida was a planned stop so we can could get some rest and relaxation at the beach while staying with my Aunt Pamm and Uncle Mick in their big, beautiful home near Sarasota, FL. It's always great to get out of the RV for a few nights and it's even better when we're with dear relatives by the beach! Crist's favorite part was "pool ball". He learned to play pool and got pretty good at it. He either wanted to play pool or swim in their backyard pool the entire time. It was also great to see my cousins Chris and Kendall, whom I rarely get to see.

Nikomis Beach

The food was great in Sarasota but let's face it - Florida is know for its beautiful beaches. We visited Nikomis Beach for a few hours and it was amazing. The sand is white and soft and the water is about as clear as a swimming pool. We chased a sand crab from the beach into the water, then found a couple hermit crabs that the kids enjoyed torturing before letting them loose back in the ocean. The kids gathered lots of sea shells and even Dad did quite a bit of swimming in the warm gulf waters.

Lego Land FL

The kids loved Lego Land, CA last year so we decided to visit Lego Land, FL this week to finish off our stay in Florida. We were 2 hours late due to some tire maintenance issues that are finally resolved, but the kids didn't care much. We got to do just about everything at Lego Land and wore ourselves out in the Florida heat and humidity.