RV Trip Week 2: Summary and Photos

RV Trip Week 2: Summary and Photos

July 11, 2015 Buddy Rigotti0 Comments

Week 2 started in Waxahachie, TX at my parent's house. We spent a few days there then traveled a few days to Pensacola, FL. What was supposed to be a relaxing few days in Waxahachie, turned into busy times taking care of the RV. My dad helped a ton by installing a new stereo/CD player (no more tape deck!) and rear view camera. Both were awesome upgrades and have made traveling much more comfortable and convenient. Pictures of both coming soon.

Tire Trouble

I already talked about the tire trouble we had. I continued to have loss of pressure in 2 of the tires that was incredibly frustrating. I spent 30 minutes just about every morning trying to get the tires at the proper air pressure for traveling. Something was definitely wrong. I figured out later that the valve stem extensions were leaking. After 2 more stops at a tire place in Sarasota, FL, I think we have finally taken care of the tire pressure issues.

Water Park

In the middle of week 2, we went to Hawaiian Falls water park for the day. We rented a cabana (highly recommended!) and the kids (and adults) played in the water all day. Crist was tall enough to do everything and that kid has no fear at all. I took my GoPro and got some great footage. I'm in the middle of editing a video for that. I'll post it soon.

10 Year Anniversary

My parents were gracious enough to take the kids for a couple hours as Koryn and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary at Tuscan Slice - a local restaurant that specializes in wood-fired pizza. It was delicious and nice to spend some time alone with Koryn. After dinner, we got a few groceries at Aldi and Koryn was excited about all the gluten-free stuff they had at really great prices.

Louisiana Knows How to Do Fireworks

Growing up in Las Vegas, most of the "good" fireworks were illegal. Apparently, you can pretty much set off whatever you can dream up in Louisiana. We stopped at a fireworks store in LA before we left for Florida and got a ton of great fireworks (you know, the kind that can actually hurt a human) for $20. Best fireworks purchase ever.

Navarre Beach on July 4th

We had an awesome time on July 4th at Navarre Beach near Pensacola. After checking in and getting settled at the KOA 20 miles away, we left for the beach. We parked the RV in the parking lot right near the beach, grilled out, then swam a bit. Just before dark, we went back to the RV and watched the fireworks show only about 100 yards away. You could literally feel the booms. The kids were thrilled.

After watching the show, we lit of some of our fireworks in the parking lot. But we still had the "good" fireworks that went up in the air. So we went back down to the beach, stuck the rockets in the sand, and lit them off and watched them explode over the water. I'm not exactly sure if this was legal, but what good fireworks show is actually legal? We had a great time.