RV Trip Update, or #StillHere

RV Trip Update, or #StillHere

June 17, 2015 Buddy Rigotti0 Comments

We haven't left yet. We're #stillHere in Henderson.

It all started when, on May 19 (yes nearly 30 days ago). I hooked up the RV at home to try and find a fresh water leak that manifested itself underneath the RV a few days earlier while camping in Pahrump.

Long story short, a water pipe in our kitchen area burst and the RV was flooded with water. I managed to catch it relatively quickly, within about 45 minutes, but the damage was done.

The entire front half of the RV floor was soaked. I promptly called the insurance company. It took a couple days for the adjustor to survey the damage. Next step was to bring it to a repair shop to get an estimate.

The first repair shop sat on it for 3 days only to tell us that they couldn't do the work. They didn't have the manpower, apparently. So I took it to another repair shop, and they went back and forth with the insurance company for a couple weeks about what was damaged and what was not.

Then I went back and forth with the insurance company for several days about what they would pay for and what they wouldn't.

Very long story short, here we sit on June 17, and finally, the RV is getting repaired. Although, when I get it back, I'll still have to fix the water pipe myself (not covered by insurance and way too expensive to have the RV repair shop fix it).

All that to say, best case scenario, we'll leave sometime this weekend, but realistically, we'll be out of here the middle of next week.

My next post will probably be something about how God has been teaching me to be patient...