RV Trip: Grand Canyon (Days 1-4)

RV Trip: Grand Canyon (Days 1-4)

June 26, 2015 Buddy Rigotti11 Comments

Day 1

Kingman Mishap

We got off to a late start due to all the time it took to pack the RV and clear out our house (and say our goodbyes!). We didn't leave until 5pm on Monday. After an hour or so we stopped in Kingman so I could weigh the RV. We packed it pretty heavy and I was concerned about being overweight. The good news is were underweight by 650 lbs on each axle. The bad news is that the truckstop in Kingman had several hilly bumps in the parking lot that I did not see.

Despite the fact that I was going very slow, we hit the bumps and the RV started swaying violently side to side. After a second or two, food and containers started flying out of our cupboards. Before we knew what was happening, we had several canned goods strewn across the front of the RV and a broken glass bottle of vanilla (because every RV trip needs a glass of Vanilla!) on the countertop. Shards of glass were everywhere.

Thankfully, no one got hurt and it took us about 40 minutes to clean up the mess and we were back on the road, way behind schedule.

Are there moose near the Grand Canyon?

So the first time on a real RV trip and I was stuck driving at night on a 2 lane road. Needless to say, I was a little tense. Then came the elk crossing signs. Oh boy. Now I have to worry about elk too. Sure enough, during the 50 miles or so on the 2 lane road to our Grand Canyon campground, we saw several herd of elk. Me, being the city boy I am, thought they were moose at first because they were enormous.

Day 2

The Grand Canyon

Speaking of enormous, we hiked the rim of the Grand Canyon on Tuesday. It is amazing. If you haven't seen it, go. We did just a simple rim hike, but Crist wanted to go down to some rock formations that jutted out into the canyon. See the photo gallery below. Crist was unafraid, but I had enough fear for the both of us.

Boogar Bus

To get into the park, we took a shuttle bus from our campground located 1 mile outside Grand Canyon National Park. During the 20 minute bus ride, Crist picked a nasty booger but we had no kleenex, so I told him just to wipe it on the carpet wall behind us (we were at the far back). After being at the canyon for a few hours, we took another shuttle bus back to camp. We went to the back of the bus again, and there it was, the boogar. We rode the same bus home (out of literally dozens) that we took to the park (picture of boogar below).

Day 3

Koryn Drives the RV for the First Time

I asked Koryn to drive part of the way from the Grand Canyon to Albuquerque, NM so I could get some work done. I was a little nervous at first since she has never driven an RV before, but unsurprisingly, she felt right at home in the driver's seat of my cockpit and she drove great!


Driving through New Mexico, we hit some hail and rain, but nothing bad enough to pull over. The terrain was pretty for the most part and it was a nice drive. Found out today that we got 7.8 mpg from Vegas to Grand Canyon, but on Day 3, we got 10 mpg from Grand Canyon to Albuquerque! Woohoo!

Taco Bell Fail

Koryn's pregnant and pregnant people crave weird things some times. To say that Koryn craved Taco Bell would be weird. Since she was driving and she noticed a blue road sign saying Taco Bell next exit, she pulled off so we could get some lunch. After turning right, we see the Taco Bell sign up ahead, standing tall and beckoning us to partake in unhealty, fake Mexican delights. It turns out that the sign was the only thing left. Apparently, they had demolished it recently and there were only a few construction trucks and several piles of dirt. No cheesy gordita crunch for Koryn!

We stayed the night at a KOA outside of Albuquerque for a good night's rest. Well, sort of...

Day 4

Brooklyn Bed Fail

Brooklyn fell off the upper bunk above the cab, right on to the floor, in the middle of the night. Surprisingly, she neither seriously injured herself nor woke up Grace who was right next to her when she fell. Tonight, she is sleeping on the couch because she was too nervous to sleep on the upper bunk again.

10 Year Anniversary

Today is our 10 year anniversary. Koryn got me a card. I thought about getting her a card. Koryn said I should say this: Koryn cried becuase it's our ten year anniversary, and instead of being in Hawaii together with no kids, we are living in an RV in the middle of Texas with 3 kids and one on the way.

Amarillo KOA

We've been having such a good time at this KOA in Amarillo, TX that we have decided to stay another night so we could rest up and get caught up on work.

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