Pastors: Pay Yourself First

Pastors: Pay Yourself First

May 16, 2015 Buddy Rigotti0 Comments

I was recently blessed to be able to attend the Acts 29 West conference in Reno, NV with some other pastors and leaders from Grace Point Church. It was a quick two days, but a refreshing two days at that.

As I look back and think about the overall theme of the conference, I am reminded of the phrase "Pay Yourself First".

Pay Yourself First is often a phrase we hear in the financial world. The idea is that if you pay yourself first by putting money into savings as soon as you get paid and before you pay any other bills, you'll be able to slowly build wealth over time - the kind of wealth that comes from disciplined saving and investing (the kind of wealth that lasts generations).

I think we can use the same mentality when it comes to pastoring our churches and our families. By paying ourselves first, we pastors and leaders can and should care for our own souls by making sure our intimacy with Christ is the highest priority.

This is not a selfish ambition, but rather part of a selfless act of servent leadership. You see, when the leader is himself healthy and in right standing with God, the rest of life/ministry/career/everything just kind of falls into its proper place.

That's not to say that life's struggles will disappear - I'm not naive enough to think that daily solitude with God makes life a walk in the park. It does, however, equip us to lead in wisdom and gives us the power needed to invest in the lives of others. Isn't this investing in the lives of others what true ministry really is?

If we do not fill our selves daily with the love of Christ, how are we to pour into others? An empty tank cannot share anything with someone who truly has a need. So the best way, dear pastor, that you can minister to others and REMAIN in ministry long term, is to pay yourself first.