Our Visit to Taylor, NE and the One Thing Koryn Did Here that She Didn't Do Anywhere Else

Our Visit to Taylor, NE and the One Thing Koryn Did Here that She Didn't Do Anywhere Else

August 17, 2015 Buddy Rigotti4 Comments

Taylor Nebraska, population 180. At first glance, the town appears to be as common as its name. There are probably 10,000 Taylor families in the US and dozens of Taylors (cities named Taylor) across the US.

But when Taylor, NE rises above the commonality of a typical small town is when you get to know the people of Taylor. And participate in the county fair held in Taylor.

We went to Taylor to visit Koryn's Grandma Viona and her Aunt Marah and Uncle Loren and their family.

Grandma Viona is independent, stubborn (in a good way) and loves Jesus. It was so nice just sitting on her couch in her 1920's paid-for bungalow, listening to her while she read daily devotions at random. When she wasn't reading inspirational stories or reading Scriptures, I was reading Guideposts magazine. It seemed fitting, considering I felt like I was back in the 50's - in a place where time seems to stand still and nobody cares.

In fact, Taylor is the type of town where people prefer time stands still. You know the type - where everybody knows everybody (and everybody's business), most of the townfolk are part of the same family and the most exciting thing to happen every year is the county fair.

We timed it perfectly. A 3-day stay in Taylor during the Loup County Fair. We plugged in at the $12/night RV campground. The kids got to participate in a turle race, bounce houses, burgers, hot dogs, face painting, 4-H activities with animals and more. The fair ended with a good old fashioned country parade with horses, antique tractors, tons of candy and FFA floats.

One thing you'll find in Taylor, actually dozens of things, are villagers. That's what Aunt Marah calls them. She builds and paints these villagers and places them all throughout the town (and even a few outside of town). It adds a personal touch to Taylor NE you won't find anywhere else. I walked around town and photographed as many as I could.

I was also captivated by the old buildings in Taylor. I snapped several photographs of the old building and if you scroll down to see the villagers and buildings, I hope you'll get an idea of how special Taylor, NE really is.

I really enjoyed my time there. Probably because we could let the kids run around town (literally) without worrying where they were or who they were with. It's the type of security not found in the city and this city-boy found it very appealing. I love how you can walk anywhere and everyone greets you with a smile. There are no grocery stores  and not even a hardware store.

But there is a Marah's Treasures - the store Koryn's Aunt Marah owns and runs. It features artistic works from Marah and her family as well as local candles, soaps, etc.

But we were there. We're not Taylor - we desire country living, but I'm not sure we could live in a town that doubles in size when Koryn has her family reunion.

One thing funny that happened: I was dozing in bed after Koryn had gotten up one morning to make breakfast. She came in and said, "I puked". She had been sick off and on due to the pregnancy, but had never puked. I asked what happened. She replied, "I was eating eggs and avocado when I bit into a hair. I knew it was mine, so I pulled it out of my mouth. But I quickly realized I had already swallowed half of the hair, so as I was pulling it out of my throat, I gagged. I couldn't control the rest and barely made it to the sink in time."

With that said, enjoy the photos below of Taylor, NE, population 180.